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Hardware - Jewellery for Joinery

As a joinery manufacturer we sometimes don’t get to see the end result of our work. It leaves the workshop for install and the fitter usually adds the hardware on site. But we really love seeing the finished result of our effort and it would be remiss not to point out how incredible joinery looks when it’s finished off with the right furniture.

With so many options on the market, from luxurious brands like Joseph Giles and Goodwyn London, to more affordable independent sellers on Etsy, we think you’ll agree there are some amazing hardware options on the market.

Here are some images of a few we have picked out to inspire you.

Abigail designed these extra-long handles out of oak to add drama to the simplicity of the wardrobes. Very affordable and she thinks they look amazing. We agree with her.

iMAGE Abigail Ahern photographer by Kristen Peres

it's easy to see why Joseph Giles are so popular with architects and designers. These hammered cabinet handles look incredible.

Joseph Giles London

We love this design by Goodwyn London. This is a great example of what you can achieve when the hardware has been carefully chosen to compliment the style of cabinetry or perhaps the cabinetry was built to match the beauty of the hardware?

Goodwyn London

Brighton based Proper Copper Design have a variety of copper furniture designs and with the copper trend still going strong we suspect they are pretty busy. We think it works well with blue, green, black and white in particular.

Brighton based Proper Copper Design have a variety of copper furniture and the copper trend is still going strong.  We think it works well with blues, greens, black and white in particular.

Proper Copper Design via Etsy

The nice thing about these handles is the design allows an element of colour to flood through them meaning they’d work on most cabinetry. We also appreciate that they are acrylic as they are less likely to break if a child were to hang off them. At a very affordable price you could get spares!

LBFEEL via Etsy

We really like these 'envelope handles'. Unfortunately they are Made in Australia! But we think you'll agree that they look stunning.


UK based Peter has a shop on ETSY but also works with various furniture/interior designers around the world producing leather handles to drawings provided by them.

The Leather Handle Company via Etsy

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