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Why we do what we do.

Funnily enough quite a lot of people do now - in their kitchens. But why not elsewhere? Surely, if you realise that it’s worth investing in bespoke joinery in your kitchen, then It’s also worth investing in it elsewhere in the home.

In 2016 The Times ran an article called “The Return of Bespoke Joinery”. Rather a nice thing to read when you work in the industry. We have certainly seen no let-up in demand over the last two years for bespoke cabinetry.

Increasing numbers of luxury developments and high-end refurbs in London have been opting for custom-made fitted furniture and when you view the results it’s easy to see why. This ‘trend’ has also spread to other ‘high value real estate areas’.

It would appear that (according to The Times) alongside indulgent holidays with the family, bespoke fitted furniture is proving a luxury people are willing to invest in.

But why? We believe it’s because, with beautiful stream-lined storage solutions and design-led finishes, this furniture can add significant value to a property and it doesn’t have to be eye-wateringly expensive. Also, you get to enjoy seeing where your money has been spent EVERY DAY and for many years to come. It is an investment and you can get that money back.

High end developers wouldn’t invest in bespoke Joinery if it wasn’t worth it, after all, their primary objective is to make money. Well designed, well thought out and beautiful joinery, to the discerning buyer, suggests quality and frankly it makes a home function better and seem more appealing (not to mention it would be more enjoyable to live in).

However, not all finishes are super expensive. Certainly, if you had a big budget you may want to splash out on liquid metal, smoked glass or an unusual pre-finished veneer in order to achieve a very unique and stunning result, but if you are working to a more limited budget then you could invest in a coloured MFC and dress it up with some stunning ironmongery, to create the look and feel of an expensive piece, whilst keeping your budget in mind.

I like to think of the hardware as ‘joinery jewellery’. You can really jazz up even the plainest white wardrobe doors with some beautiful long gold slim handles.

Finally, it’s important to remember that you are spending money on something tangible, that will last and that will enhance your day-to-day life. Why? Simply because it’s a pleasure. It’s lovely to have a wardrobe with perfectly shutting doors, lighting, all your clothes, bags, jewellery, socks, pants, belts, etc. all neatly squirreled away, so your bedroom may remain the serene haven it’s supposed to be. It’s a pleasure to have a hallway that’s not cluttered or a child’s bedroom that’s got shelves, for books, or so the Lego doesn’t get ruined and a nook for homework, etc.

There are so many examples of where bespoke cabinetry can make a difference to your home and the way you live in it. Surely that’s something worth investing in?

It is true that with bespoke joinery you get what you pay for. If it’s expensive it’s because the material is expensive and the number of hours it has taken to produce it is reflected in the labour costs. Please don’t be fooled though into thinking that cheaper cabinetry needs to look it. A great design with a more affordable wood product can be painted to look fabulous too. Furniture designed specifically for your space, will always look lovely and solid in situ, and when fitted properly, will last forever and a day. Not necessarily so for individual, stand-alone pieces which can be hard to transfer when you move home.

So please invest wisely. Take our advice. Let us help you to create the furniture you would like for the price that works for your budget. We can give you tips and advice on how to achieve this and save costs (if that is what’s important to you) and if we are unable to create what you want for the budget available we will be honest and let you know and perhaps advise on how else you can go about achieving something close to what you want.

As a joinery company our ultimate concern is in creating great work that makes our client’s happy. Very happy actually.

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